Eagle - Betsy Ross Flag

14 x 11 inch charcoal drawing


Hello, my name is Kevin Dixon and I have been drawing for most my life; although, it has been in an on-again off-again fashion. A little over a year ago I started drawing again and found a whole new level of enjoyment from doing so.

I started in graphite pencil but decided that charcoal was needed to get the depth of contrast that makes the artwork more dramatic - so that's what I started doing. All the drawings here are from within this timeframe.

I have no formal training - self taught as it were. At the encouragement of my father, I did attend a summer class with a small group at a Mrs. Wrolsen's house just outside of Woodstock, NY (my hometown) as a kid. Although I was young, it did open my eyes to concepts of shading and such.

The images of the artwork are cropped from cell phone pictures I took so they could be better but - I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and God bless!


I can be reached at kevin@kgdixon.com